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I believe that your success as a soul-led, conscious woman who put everyone's happiness before you own can be found through the Health & Empowerment Way. It works when you're looking to fire the Ego, peel away layers of Fear and Conditioning, and Embody your Highest Potential Soul Expression. The Health & Empowerment Way helps you to passively be and actively create the change you want to see in the world, making a constructive impact, while living a soul-nourishing life. 


In my world you’re exposed to the cost of abandoning yourself - holding yourself back - pushing yourself down - being led by the Ego - of other people's needs and opinions having power over you - of your heart, voice and soul being silenced.


I talk incessantly about the way out of it. How to re-make that choice, to enter onto and walk on your true path and integrate your true, core, whole, multi-dimensional, individuated Soul-Self into your being and into your life. Feeling at peace as you dance/stumble/rest/hustle/pray/

preach/surrender/manifest on your way forward.

I'm Helene

I'm here to pay forward the core knowledge and principles that will support you to use your innate resources to feel safe and free in your body and in your life to return to the core soul truth of who you are, be and live in alignment with who your Soul came her to be and spending your time doing what it came here to do.

Through the best mind-body techniques and knowledge, unconditional love and support, I will help you develop the mindset, the capacity, the strategies and the habits that work for you so you can shed all destructive protective mechanisms, be who you truly are and live a life that is true to yourself, choosing you Soul over the Ego, establishing healthy boundaries along the way.


And then the rest - the people, the places, the work - that nourishes your soul will come into form as you're able to receive it and create it. 

My Story

Being yourself in a world that tries to pull you in a million different directions and have a million different opinions of who you are and who you should be, is hard.  I know, I've been there. At 15 years old I made a conscious choice of shutting down parts of myself that rubbed people the wrong way. Wanting more than anything for people to feel good about themselves and around me, it became my nr 1 goal to embody unconditional love. Not really sure what it was exactly people meant when they said I was a "horrible person", "arrogant bitch", I decided to shut down the parts of me that were outspoken, vivacious and confident. Ironically, at the same time I had a spiritual awakening.


Fast forward 10 years, I was happily trotting along on my spiritual journey, mastering presence and deconditioning, while wondering why doors weren't opening for me when it came to romantic love. I increasingly questioned why I never really felt nourished or fulfilled in my work; why there were a lot of energetic friction in my social relationships; why my efforts weren't reciprocated in some friendships; why I felt increasingly depleted and worried that I did something wrong.

Spoiler alert: the answer was realizing that the way to Health & Empowerment and Spiritual Enlightenment wasn't through suppressing the part of myself that I had labeled as evil. It was to see through the illusion that that part was evil, to re-integrate her and let her grow up as part of me. 

My quest for answers on how to actually, practically cope with life started when I was 17. I've dedicated the past 17 years to practice, study, understand and pay forward practical knowledge and tools to grow through and out of challenges.  

The quest led me to complete a Masters Degree in Health Science in Health & Empowerment. In my Thesis I researched how adults had used the mind-body therapy Consciousness Training to cope with their health challenges. Particularly of how spiritual principles and practices using consciousness and mind/body resources can break toxic distress cycles, and enhance restoration at the deepest level.


It's been years of Nerdism. I dove deeply into biomedical research on the mind/body connection. I went down a few rabbit holes of spiritual branches (some I've come out of and put some distance between). I fell in love with a phenomenological embodiment perspective and I took the relationship public when I became a Certified Professional Coach and Transformational Embodiment Facilitator. 

The Gold Standard of Science

My  biggest frustration is that there is so much superficial and fragmented information that keeps people stuck. The gold standard of science is "we don't know". The gold standard of medicine is "do no harm". I practice by those standards. Which is why I will give you the best knowledge I know of in the best way I can think of. I will share through experience - mine and others with their permission - I will tell stories - and I will try to easily explain what the heavy scientific works have de-mystified. As for what we don't know I've immersed myself in metaphysical studies. I will present perspectives that might explain the unknown, that might tug on your heart strings, make your Soul come alive and lead the way.​

For all I teach, the core message is this

You are a unique human being with your own innate wisdom and understanding. Be critical. Be open. Be curious, but reflect on all information you find and feel if it applies to you or provides you with constructive meaning. One thing I do believe is that wherever you are and whatever you feel and experience it is a completely natural and normal reaction to the life you've lived and the situation you are in. I hope you don't blame yourself, feel abnormal, inadequate, at fault or not good enough. But probably you do, because we live in a world that programs us to feel this way. We point fingers until our fingers become confused. We blame ourselves and we blame each other, which only creates distance, separation, conflict and suffering. This conditioning may lead to coping mechanisms aimed at avoiding pain but which only avoid dealing with the core issue, prepping a fertile ground for multi-faceted suffering and symptoms to grow.

But there is a way out. It is possible to change your perception, which will have ripple effects on your entire life and state of experience. 

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Master in Health Science
Health & Empowerment

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