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Is it time to break the pattern of over-giving and under-receiving, and start to live a soul-nourishing life?

It starts within.

For Conscious and Soul-led Women with Huge Hearts and Potent Power who tend to over-adapt to keep the peace, at the expense of not only their dreams, but their health and well-being.

to break toxic coping strategies and build healthy habits & behavior

Imagine what your day-to-day experience would be like if you had  transformed your behavior, choices and habits from being a fear-based coping strategy to be rooted in your power, strengths and joy. A daily life where your relationships, work and lifestyle feels like home, provides you with peace and energy, making your soul come alive.

Hi, I'm Helene 

My one agenda and goal is to help you to

Reconnect with, Reclaim and Restore

the truth of who you are on a Core Level - to strip away everything that isn't you so you can naturally evolve into your Highest Soul Expression - to powerfully be who you came here to be and to potently do what you came here to do - to help usher in a new world, without apologizing, feeling guilty or working undercover.

Work with me and  you sign up for Cutting Edge Biomedical Research, Paradigm-Shifting Embodiment Tools, Timeless and Game Changing Spiritual Principles and Practices. This is for you who wish to be a Source of Love and a Force for Good in the world while leading a soul-nourishing life with fulfilling relationships and work. 

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believing, adopting, accepting, and incorporating the negative beliefs provided by the opp

My Intention

To provide you with the knowledge, tools and support so you can enhance your mental understanding, emotional awareness and open heartedness necessary to stop living in fear and being controlled by Internalized Oppression to

start being the Embodiment of Health & Empowerment,

i.e being a healthy presence in the world, building relationships, work and a lifestyle that are healthy and nourishing for you, and inspiring for others.

To believe, adopt, accept, and incorporate as truth oppressive messages provided by the patriarchal society which leads to destructive and limiting beliefs about who you are and what's possible for you, who it's safe for you to be, what it's safe for you to do.

What is Internalized Oppression?


Know how to drop into Presence and Consciousness and work on your Embodiment - and experience a whole other way of being in the world becoming available.


You know how to move into a sacred space to access oppressive perceptions and experiences that created them.


You're able to take a neutral, observational position to examine and falsify oppressive perceptions.

You can get into a healing state that physically turns of chronic stressors and turns on innate restoration responses.

You have tools and practices to keep working with your embodiment - five facets of being.


You catch and release when people, places, situations and experiences have too much power over you. You know how to come back to your own power, to grow through and past triggers.

You're more connected, present, calm, honest and true to yourself.

You're in touch with your healthy boundaries, and you honor them.

You create relationships that are characterized by Respect, Reciprocity and Restitution.

You're a Healthy & Empowering presence, doing your part to break the toxic cycle of oppressive power dynamics, clearing oppressive perceptions and ways of being for the coming generations.


You effortlessly build trust by communicating congruently and collaborating with others in a constructive manner; where others feel seen and heard, acknowledged and included.

Health & Empowerment

The systems of oppression are everywhere. They're in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the families we've grown up in and our social circles, - places of school and work. It's impossible growing up in this world without internalizing them in some way, shape or form.

We learn to adapt and navigate in this oppressive world, we figure out how to be safe, how to belong, how to contribute in a way others approve of. 

This is a great testimony to our innate resourcefulness. It works wonderfully for a while until it doesn't. At some point those very strategies that keep us safe start turning on us, tearing on our systems and wreaking havoc on our health and wellbeing.

Have you reached this point? 

If you have, this is a good thing. It means it's time for you to do your part to eradicate oppressive systems. Evolution needs us to break up with the oppressive systems for good. You've been qualified because you're awake, resourced and willing enough to do  your part.  

I know you hold the heart, compassion, strength and resources necessary to birth the paradigm of Health & Empowerment into this world. This work is about breaking toxic cycles of oppression, paving the way for a new paradigm of Health & Empowerment to settle. It's about healing, personal freedom, safety and the ability to breathe freely. It's about protecting the Sacred - Connectedness - Oneness. It's about letting go of all fear-based adaptations and soaking in the Cosmic Love of Pure Presence. It's about owning and evolving your spiritual senses, coming out of the spiritual closet and daring to be who you really are, magic energy and all. 

Once you start to own your Truth and have healthy boundaries, you stop being complicit to oppressive behavior. Then, an abusive way of being will no longer be rewarded or encouraged. By doing your part you will create ripples in the collective, assisting in Humanity's evolution from maintaining systems of Oppression to creating systems of Health & Empowerment.

By committing to this work you take a stand for being and creating the change you want to see in the world, to transform relationships from becoming oppressive and a power struggle to be healthy and empowering. 

This is what I know

The Health & Empowerment Way

means committing to minimize/eradicate oppressive power dynamics and build Healthy & Empowering Relationships and Culture, essentially going from "power over/under" to "power from within and between"




Power re-distributing








We start within ourselves

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Health & Empowerment 

It's a Value










affecting the way you
perceive, behave,
communicate, handle conflicts, make choices, live



The reason why changing habits can be hard

Victim Mentality

Survival State

Superiority Identity

Habits are embodied - physically ingrained into our systems (our psychological, nervous, immune, hormonal systems cooperate so we adapt and respond to our social surroundings in a way that keeps us safe). 

We try to change through the Ego, which leads to unaligned desires, goals, strategies that makes us dependent on feeling special and superior "better than" in order to feel successful. 

We feel powerless and at the mercy of the Patriarchy/our circumstances/others/addictions, which keeps us stuck. 


We work at a superficial level where we are in inner conflict. One part of us wants the change and another part of us doesn't. The part that wants us to stay the same often wins because it is usually what's perceived as safe because it's familiar to us. 

Ego, Victim, Survival are all shadow states - in our subconscious. We don't judge it or shy away from it. We look at it honestly, acknowledge how it's running our behavior and choose Ultimate Consciousness instead.

Enter Ultimate Consciousness

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A state that exists before words and is beyond words.

A Neutral observer always available to us.

A Fragment of the Source of all life.

Beyond time & space. 

Omniscient - Eagle perspective - sees all possibilities. 


Once we make it CEO of our being and life it can radically alter our Perception, Embodiment and Lifeworld: Access and transform the painful perceptions rooted in our subconscious. Draw in a peaceful and soul-nourishing future. 

The portal through which Health & Empowerment can be embodied and spread. 


I AM Presence
Living with an Open Heart


Enter Coaching

Coaching is not for everyone. It is a specific method developed to help you to peel away everything that isn't you, to connect with your core truth where a higher wisdom, love, compassion resides, and to choose and act accordingly.

Coaching demands responsibility, willingness and honesty. It requires time, efforts and dedication.


In itself, Coaching is empowering. You choose Coaching when you are looking for a safe and sacred space that helps you connect with and be guided into action by the answers that are accessible from within you.


You choose coaching with me when you want to break free from internalized oppression, be a healthy presence in the world, building soul-nourishing and healthy relationships, work and lifestyle - and in the process contribute to a culture within, between and around that naturally promotes Health & Empowerment

Your Teacher and Coach


Helene Notland

Registered Nurse w/10 years working in an acute surgical ward

Master in Health Science Health & Empowerment

IIN Tripple Certified

GeoLove Energy Healing Practicioner Levels 1-3 Certified

Dual Certified Professional Coach and Transformational Embodiment Facilitator

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