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Is it time to break the pattern of over-giving and under-receiving, and start to live a soul-nourishing life?

It starts within.

For spiritual women with Huge Hearts & Potent Power

Can you imagine what your day-to-day experience would be like if you were the Embodiment of your Highest Soul Expression?


Imagine that you are powerfully being who you came here to be and potently doing what you came here to do - experiencing a deep peace as you contribute to a Healthier and more Empowering world - watching the life meant for you by Divine Right fall into place.


Hi, I'm Helene 

My one agenda and goal is to help you to

Reconnect with, Reclaim and Restore

the truth of who you are on a Soul Level - to strip away everything that isn't you so you can naturally evolve into your Highest Soul Expression - to experience work and relationships, a way of being and living, that are Healthy and Empowering, where you can find Restoration, Respect and Reciprocity.

Based on Cutting Edge Biomedical Research, Paradigm-Shifting Embodiment Tools, and Timeless Spiritual Practices, I combine Health & Empowerment with the True Spiritual Journey in one Coaching Program. This is for you who wish to be a Source of Love and a Force for Good in the world while leading a soul-nourishing life with fulfilling relationships and work. 

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The systems of oppression are everywhere. They're in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the families we've grown up in and our social circles, - places of school and work. It's impossible growing up in this world without internalizing them in some way, shape or form.

We learn to adapt and navigate in this oppressive world, we figure out how to be safe, how to belong, how to contribute in a way others approve of. 

This is a great testimony to our innate resourcefulness. It works wonderfully for a while until it doesn't. At some point those very strategies that keep us safe start turning on us, tearing on our systems and wreaking havoc on our health and wellbeing.

Have you reached this point? 

If you have, this is a good thing. It means it's time for you to do your part to eradicate oppressive systems. Evolution needs us to break up with the oppressive systems for good. You've been qualified because you're awake, resourced and willing enough to do  your part.  


I know you hold the heart, compassion, strength and resources necessary to birth the paradigm of Health & Empowerment into this world. This work is about breaking toxic cycles of oppression, paving the way for a new paradigm of Health & Empowerment to settle. It's about healing, personal freedom, safety and the ability to breathe freely. It's about protecting the Sacred - Connectedness - Oneness. It's about letting go of all fear-based adaptations and soaking in the Cosmic Love of Pure Presence. It's about owning and evolving your psychic powers, coming out of the spiritual closet and daring to be who you really are, rainbows and all. 


Once you start to own your magnificence and have healthy boundaries, you stop being complicit to oppressive behavior. Then, an abusive way of being will no longer be rewarded or encouraged. By doing your part you will create ripples in the collective, assisting in Humanity's evolution from maintaining systems of Oppression to creating systems of Health & Empowerment.

Enter The Health & Empowerment Coaching Experience

Ingrid 28 years, Norway

By working with Helene I've received valuable help, support and guidance with what I found challenging in daily life. I've been able to articulate and become awareness of own thoughts and feelings, and have found tools that help me to achieve a better every day life - without having to make drastic lifestyle changes. It's been very giving and good conversations where I've felt valued, understood and listened to. At the same time I've had help to set goals and to work with challenges I've faced. I don't regret that I signed up for the coaching program and that I dared to care for own needs, to the best for me and all those around me everyday. 

The Health & Empowerment Coaching Experience

The True Spiritual Journey meets Health & Empowerment

In our work together, we’ll get to the root of and work through some of the core wounding that prevents you from showing up in the fullness of who you are - that's causing you to dim yourself and prevent you from living the life you truly want. 

It's a heroine's journey where you meet yourselves completely – honestly looking at yourself where you are right now and observing how internalized oppression actually affects you and runs your life. It ought to scare you a little but only just, and in a good way. It requires courage, vulnerability, and above all honesty and stillness. It starts with Pure Hearted Presence - Ultimate Consciousness - that opens up a Sacred Space where you can access and transform toxic patterns - strategies for adaptation - that are quickly or slowly tearing away at you.

Facing the illusions is painful. Yet, on the other side lies the opportunity to start nourishing your Soul and living in alignment with your Highest Soul’s truth. By doing the work, the core wound we inherited as humans; perceiving to be separate and alone in an unsafe world is healing. The core wound is causing us to compare, condemn and compete with ourselves and others. When we heal the core wound, we find true inner peace, the kind that only comes when we are being our Soul, living and choosing our Soul’s desire. And then we weave our Soul's Thread into the tapestry of the collective humanity and life; filling in our part in the whole that no one else can fill. As we do so we pave the way for others to follow, by both showing it's safe and possible to attain. ​

The True Spiritual Journey
- It's all about Presence & Consciousness

In our journey together, we train your consciousness to be fully present. From there we dive into the shadows of the subconscious so we can transmute the wounds - release the past. Then we can move towards what you want to experience and create a Soul-Nourishing Future.

You provide the openness, receptivity, willingness and courage. 

I provide the most effective Coaching modalities, Embodiment tools and Energy Healing to shift those oppressive patterns as quickly as possible. 


What is ready to be released will surface.  

Is it safe for you to let that happen? Is it time? Are you ready?

In the present moment is where you release the past and co-create a Soul-Nourishing Future.

All you really have is NOW




Release the past

Ultimate Consciousness

Co-create a Soul-Nourishing future


Minimize Power Differentials in order to create a Healthy culture where all are Empowered



Acknowledgment of different parts

Power re-distribution between parts

Participation of all parts

Within ourselves

Between people and groups

Around us - systemically



We start within ourselves

Embodying Health & Empowerment in all 5 Facets of Being
From power over/under - Superiority/Inferiority to power within and between - Equality


From Ego to Soul
From separation to connectedness.


From comparing, condemning, competing to acknowledging uniqueness, individuation, differences in strengths.


From being biased to being curious, compassionate and empathetic. From automatically reacting to consciously responding.
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From distress reactions of Fight/Flight/
Freeze/Fawn to Presence, Observation and


By working multi-faceted you create a Whole Body Shift which is the KEY to lasting change

You will strengthen, become familiar with and intentionally use your innate resources, which are


  • your social, emotional, cognitive, executive competence needed for navigating the outer world.

  • your psychic powers/spiritual gifts (inner sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch) needed for navigating the inner world, connect with and co-operate with a higher love, wisdom and compassion.

To become a walking safe, sacred space for others. Not everyone will gravitate towards you, but by your sheer presence you will add to a more Healthy and Empowering space. 

The 4 Month Program



Releasing the Ego

Taking an honest look on your embodied oppressive patterns and identities.  

We will discern which facet(s) are most affected and blocked, which will help us tailor our focus and efforts.

Practicing Ultimate Consciousness to enter the most resourced and restoring state to neutralize what's oppressive.

Reconnecting with Suppressed part(s)

Getting crystal clear on what is true and Soul-nourishing for you: your values, your core essence(s), your strengths, what you know you are here to do and be, and create goals that are in alignment with that.



Restoring you Full Self

As you take action towards your goals, the coaching supports you with momentum and progress, releasing blocks and doubt that show up, to enhance your faith and courage as you take aligned steps, integrating your True Self and True Path into your life.

Source-ing to tap into higher wisdom and guidance for taking the next best action, feeling safe enough to do so. 





Reclaiming the life you're meant to live

As we wind down our journey, we enhance your Embodiment by crystallizing this new way of being. The conscious effort is becoming unconscious competence, your new natural state.


We revisit the tools, practices most effective for you, so you have all you need to catch yourself when you slip back into old patterns, and know how to effectively release blocks and re-align so you stay on your True Path.


Bi-weekly 60 minute video calls.

In between support. 24hour response time Monday to Friday. 


2 Bonus Energy Healing sessions (if appropriate).


At the end of the program, a personalized guide of core tools and practices that are most effective for you. 


Expectations: Set aside at least 15 minutes before and after sessions to reflect on what goal you have for the session and to reflect on insights, realizations, shifts that occurred during the session.

The reason why changing habits can be hard

Victim Mentality

Survival State

Superiority Identity

Habits are embodied - physically ingrained into our systems (our psychological, nervous, immune, hormonal systems cooperate to keep us adapting and safe). 

We try to change through the Ego, which leads to unaligned desires, goals, strategies that makes us dependent on feeling special and "better than" in order to feel successful. 

We feel powerless and at the mercy of the Patriarchy, which keeps us stuck. 


We work at a superficial level where we are in inner conflict. One part of us wants the change and another part of us doesn't. The part that wants us to stay the same often wins because it is usually what's perceived as safe. 

Ego, Victim, Survival are all shadow states in our subconscious due to internalized oppression. We don't judge it or shy away from it. We look at it honestly, acknowledge how it's running our behavior, and let it go and choosing Ultimate Consciousness instead.

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Enter Ultimate Consciousness

A state that exists before words and is beyond words.

A Neutral observer always available to us.

A Fragment of the Source of all life.

Beyond time & space. 

Omniscient - Eagle perspective - sees all possibilities. 


Once we make it CEO it can radically alter our lifeworld & Embodiment: Erase the painful past. Draw in a peaceful and soul-nourishing future. 

The portal through which Health & Empowerment can  be embodied and spread. 


I AM Presence
Living with an Open Heart


Enter Coaching

Coaching is not for everyone. It is a specific method developed to help you to peel away everything that isn't you, to connect with your core truth where a higher wisdom, love, compassion resides, and to choose and act accordingly.

Coaching demands responsibility, willingness and honesty. It requires time, efforts and dedication.


In itself, Coaching is empowering. You choose Coaching when you are looking for a safe and sacred space that helps you connect with and be guided into action by the answers that already lie within you.


You choose coaching with me when you want to break free from internalized oppression, and in the process contribute to a culture within, between and around that naturally promotes Health & Empowerment


Through the Health & Empowerment Coaching Process I can help you master presence to eradicate internalized oppression, so that you can go from living in fear to being the full embodiment of unconditional love, healthy boundaries included.  

My Story

When I was 15 years old I made a conscious choice of shutting down parts of myself that rubbed people the wrong way. That led to an array of health challenges.


It took me 15 years to realize that the way to Health & Empowerment wasn't through suppressing the part of myself that I had labeled as evil. It was to see through the illusion that that part was evil, to re-integrate her and let her grow up as part of me. Unconditional love isn't unconditional love if we're not part of the equation, allowed to be fully human with needs, dreams and desires of our own. In fact, how can others experience healthy and empowering relationships if we don't allow them to provide for us, refusing to receive their gestures?


I've tried doing this work with and without the True Spiritual Journey. Without, I experienced stuckness, constant fear, lack of energy, clarity and progress. It was like walking in quicksand. With was like dancing in fresh dew grass with sunlight on my face. 

I can't be in integrity with this work if I exclude the Spiritual from it. Neither can I exclude the biological, physical structures at work, rooted in an atheist tradition of science and academia. I stand with one leg firmly planted one each side of the middle point. Embodiment is both, the union of both the physical and the spiritual. It is a paradox that can be a struggle but a necessity to hold. After all, the core of this work is to see through the illusion of separation and see how seeming opposites are two parts of the same coin of cosmic love.

- With Cosmic Love
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1365 Blommenholm



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Master in Health Science
Health & Empowerment

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